Rhynie, Aberdeenshire

Rhynie, Aberdeenshire
The Craw Stane with Tap o'Noth hillfort in the background (Photo courtesy of Cathy MacIver).

Monday, 25 June 2012

No Rain! A Bead!

The last five days now... the day started a little gloomy and cold but by the end it was sunny.  In fact we wished we could stay on site longer (by 'we' I mean Gordon, myself, Oskar and Cathy mostly!), but there was a big Lithuanian dinner to cook and many of the students were ready to go. 

Lots more progress has been made - the weather was perfect for some re-cleaning and checking of features and it helped us make some more sense of some of the postholes and beam slots.  We still haven't managed to answer all the questions, but we do have time left.

We had quite a few visitors today including a big group of kids that came up to the field after school.  We even got a great gift in the form of a plate of homemade tiffin! It went down very well at tea break.

Several postholes have been completed today and the sections through the inner and outer ditch and the palisade are going well.  Another sherd of Late Roman Amphora came out of Liam's palisade trench today and Cathy found a fragment of a frit bead - a material quite like faience but with a different chemical composition.  It is bright bright blue and it seems to be Iron Age in date from other comparable material.   This came from the inner ditch deposits.

Fingers crossed for at least one more decent day of weather before the rain comes back - a chance to get most of our paperwork up-to-date without it getting too wet.
The post-pipe of Ryan's posthole half-sectioned.

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