Rhynie, Aberdeenshire

Rhynie, Aberdeenshire
The Craw Stane with Tap o'Noth hillfort in the background (Photo courtesy of Cathy MacIver).

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Day five in the big Archaeology Dig house (Geordie accent) by Jeremy Gray

Jeremy's find of the Day!

While going through the daily routine of clearing the surface area I was lucky enough to come across a pin that may have been used to hold someones hair in place during the 6th century (Which is a pretty cool thought). That was probably my best find so far in the dig and it was just the surface of the paliside. I'm hoping there is more to come and am sure there will be more interesting finds as we delve further down into the soily abyss. But for now there is much more clearing to be done and probably some more planning :( not the biggest fan.

Moving on to after the dig:
I have been asked by my peers to comment on the food. Today's meal we had some really tasty curry (Give it a 9/10) cooked by the 'Chester Boys', which filled our grumbling tummies and provided us with the much needed energy for tomorrow's continuing efforts. Now on to an intense scrabble game..... 

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