Rhynie, Aberdeenshire

Rhynie, Aberdeenshire
The Craw Stane with Tap o'Noth hillfort in the background (Photo courtesy of Cathy MacIver).

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Spearhead mystery solved! Rhynie connections to Borneo!!

Martin from Ashvale alerted us to this curious find from his garden at Ashvale at the southern end of the village. This really puzzled us as the spearhead seemed too well preserved to be an ancient artefact but the fact that it came from the area where two of the Rhynie symbol stones came from made us very curious about this artefact.

Previous owner of the house Mr MacPherson (who bizarrely was at my wedding - small world!) have now been in contact to say:

"I think that spear was an African one that my Dad had a bunch of from somewhere or other, he did have relatives that were in South Africa at the time of the Boer war so it might have been from them. I used to chuck them about all over the place when I got the chance so there is a strong likelihood that the one you found was one of those! Perhaps you had better tell Gordon so he doesn't get all excited about it..."

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